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Lakland 44-01 and
44-02 Skyline Bass

The Lakland Skyline 44-01 Bass and 44-02 Bass

Lakland Skyline 4 string basses feature a 34" scale, pleked frets for smooth easy buzz free play, quality American assembly and that famous Lakland tone.  The Lakland Dual Access bridge is standard on all basses and allows through body or through bridge stringing.  A great value and an awesome bass buy.  Upgrades and configuration changes may effect price.  We offer a wide variety of basses for sale, please consider us when you buy your next Lakland bass. 

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buy lakland skyline 44-01 bass

The Lakland Skyline 44-01 bass is an incredible value, some high-end basses aren't equipped like the 44-01!  Check out the twin of Bartolini MK-1 split-coil soapbars and an MK-1 onboard, 3-band buffered active preamp. You can create a multitide of tones to please an ear. The Lakland 34" scale neck is fast, smooth and easy to play.  The Lakland body shape makes this an all-around rock solid bass.  Shown in Natural finish.     Available in Natural, three tone Translucent and Black finish.  44-01 options include pick guard and Hip Shot D-Tuner.  See our Color Chart for finish examples.

Not available in Lefty versions.        Prices start at $1104



buy lakland skyline 44-02 bass

The Lakland Skyline 44-02 bass is similar to the 44-01 however it has the electronics package from the 4-94 bass providing an active punch that will drive your sound clearly through any set and will fit you like a glove. The 44-02 uses Lakland MM J configuration pickups, (Chi-Sonics optional) onboard preamp, 3 way controls with bridge pickup coil tap toggle.   Show in optional Quilt Maple top in Cherry three tone Sunburst.   44-02 finishes include Natural, Three Tone Translucent, Black, Cherry Sunburst and Natural Translucent.      

Not available in Lefty versions.  Prices start at $1719   P

Specifications Lakland 44-01  Lakland 44-02  Skyline 44-01 Standard Colors
Nut Width 1.6" 1.6"
Nut Type Plastic Plastic
Fret Size .041/.085" .041/.085"
Width at Final Fret 2.46" 2.46"
1st Fret Neck Depth .77" .77"
12th Fret Neck Depth .87" .87"
Fingerboard Radius 10" 10"  
Scale Length 34" 34" Skyline 44-02 Standard Colors
Frets 22 22
Bridge String Spacing .78" .78"
Neck Wood Flat-Sawn Maple Flat-Sawn Maple
Body wood(s) Ash Ash
Fingerboard Maple with Dots Maple with Dots
Rosewood with Dots Rosewood with Dots
  Fretless wit side dots
Tuners Hipshot Lisc. Ultra-Lite's (Optional Hipshot D-Tuner) Hipshot Lisc. Ultra-Lite's (Optional Hipshot D-Tuner)
Truss Rod Access Neck Heel: 4mm Hex Neck Heel: 4mm Hex
Pickguard Optional Optional
Controls Cut and Boost: Bass, Midrange, Treble, Panning-style Pickup Blend Control Cut and Boost: Bass, Midrange, Treble, Panning-style Pickup Blend Control
Master Volume (pull for tone control bypass) Master Volume (pull for preamp bypass)
Bridge Lakland Dual Access (through body or through bridge) Lakland Dual Access (through body or through bridge)
Preamp Bartolini MK-1 Lakland LH3
Pickups Bartolini MK-1 split-coil soapbars Lakland MM-J
Left Handed Not available Not available  

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