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Lakland US Series Bass Overview and Features

Lakland is our newest bass brand and offers impressive features, value and quality.  The   The Lakland US series basses are hand built to order here in Chicago USA and they typically have a 5 month lead time.  Lakland's US Series bass family of 4 and 5 string basses offers custom wound pickups (except the 01 series), Dual access bridges which allow through bridge or through body stringing (hollow body is through bridge only).  Some models also feature the LH3 preamp with a switchable midrange for almost for limitless tone flexibility.  ChiSonic pickups can be added to any bass for an additional charge.  5 string basses use Lakland's Hipshot ultra lite tuners which alleviate headstock diving.  Lakland uses a reinforced head design to provide additional neck strength.   Fingerboards come in 3 varieties.  Birds eye maple fingerboards use ebony dots, rosewood fingerboards utilize birds eye maple dots and Ebony fretless fingerboards are available in lined and unlined versions.   Lakland uses dunlop strap buttons which are compatible with Straplok straps.  Bridges are brass plated chrome with stainless saddle, screws and springs to prevent rust and corrosion.

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All Lakland 5s feature Hipshot Ultra-Lite tuners. These tuners have traditional styling in a lightweight design that alleviates headstock diving. The strings are retained with a single-bar retainer.

All Lakland 4s feature open-back, tapered-shaft Hipshot tuners. The tapered shafts force strings to lie flat against the headstock for improved pressure over the nut. An optional Hipshot Bass Xtender key is also available.

Lakland manufactures three different fingerboards. Our birds eye maple fingerboards feature ebony face dots, while our rosewood fingerboards feature birds eye maple dots. Our ebony fretless fingerboards are available lined, or unlined.

The frets are meticulously installed by Lakland luthiers using exacting tolerances that yield superior playability. Each fret end is hand-filed and, when combined with a subtle round-over on the edge of the fingerboard, created the ultimate in comfort.

Reinforced head design provides additional strength at necks' weakest point.

Large Dunlop dual design strap buttons are compatible with Straplok systems.

Solid chromed brass bridge plate with all stainless steel parts (saddle, screws, springs) to prevent rust and corrosion throughout life of instrument.

Southern swamp ash body. The Deluxe adds a figured maple top.

The neck is securely bolted to the body using a five-bolt configuration that offers the player unrestricted access to the upper register.

Lakland pickups, custom wound in Chicago, provide a wide frequency response
and diverse tonal range.

Internal preamp offers independent cut and boost of bass midrange, and treble. The preamp is extremely versatile and very quiet. Master volume pulls out to defeat internal preamp. Pickup blend control. Bridge pickup coil configuration can be set for a multitude of tonal possibilities.

All Lakland necks are manufactured from quarter-sawn maple and feature two graphite reinforcement bars. We have found that these graphite bars help tremendously to minimize dead spots.




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